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Cee - Pie IX by Noiry Cee - Pie IX by Noiry
Media: Mechanical pencil, Painter IX, Photoshop CS3
Fan art: Pie IX

Today I got stuck for a few hours waiting for an e-mail and, for some weird reason, I started to doodle Cee ·___· I liked how the face looked so I decided to give it some colour.
For those who don't know, Cee is a character from Pie IX, an illustrated novel written by :iconladyjaida: and illustrated by :iconmeronine: I got the book some months ago and I really enjoyed it.

Cee looks older in this picture... and she's preparing to taking care of the flowers, don't think in anything weird (I know what I'm saying 'cause i'm the first in thinking weird things @_@)

I'm aware of the flaws but still like the pic, thanks.

Cee and Pie IX are © ~ladyjaida and *meronine
Artwork by =Noiry
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Noiry Jul 25, 2008  Professional General Artist
zomg!!! I gotta do some half-nekkid, sweaty and dirty man to avoid my lesbian tendences!! XDDDDD
JM2-art Jul 25, 2008  Student General Artist

Now your speakin' mah language! ^_^
It's nice to see the ladies back though =D
Now the guys have somewhere to run to when they get afraid of us ...

Noiry Jul 27, 2008  Professional General Artist
hahahaha so true XD
Superdemon-Inuyasha Jul 24, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very nice - great job on this 8D
SoYotono Jul 24, 2008


... whut.
I've always loved her design. You did an excellent portrayal of her, Cee looks gorgeous in your style.
I love how you draw faces, so awesome
sooooooooooooo beautiful, argh :heart:
LadyCamafeo Jul 24, 2008   General Artist
acabas de matar dos pajaros de un tiro, por que yo tambien queria el libro! asi que pillo el link tambien!

Se me hacen muy atractivos tus dibujos con colores planos =D me gusta mucho como te quedan!

y a ver si dentro de poco podemos decir que tenemos algo tuyo en la estanteria tambien, por que esta chica es muy buena pero tu tambien ^^
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