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I swear a lot - stamp by Noiry I swear a lot - stamp by Noiry
Uhm... yeah, I tend to swear too much, a lot more when talking in spanish (ays... qué curtido está nuestro vocabulario en este aspecto XD), most of the time is not 'cause I'm angry but 'cause I'm between friends and in confidence (what a paradox).

Anyway, I've seen, heard, and read lots of people who say swearing is for ignorants and vulgar people and I disagree with that. Being intelligent doesn't necessary means you must speak always using fine and correct words, everyone communicates themselves as they feel to.

Whatever. This doesn't apply for kids who think swearing is a cool thing ¬_¬U

[EDIT] Let's clear a point, guys. This stamp (nor my description) does not supports people who cuss in every given situation no matter what. Saying "I just fucking ate a fuckin' ice-cream, motherfucker" is RETARDED. I'm not defending the overuse of swear words, I'm defending people who swear a bit more than others and still are smart enough to know when and how to swear. This is also a form of intelligence.
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March 16, 2008
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