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Isabeau by Noiry Isabeau by Noiry
Media: Pencils, Mechanical Pencil, Staedler Pigment Liner, Edding marker, some minimal add-ons with Photoshop.

I know it's not a single page but where I'm supossed to submit it?
I thought uploading the pages one by one would be boring to death and sice they're only 4 I decided it would be better to submit all in a single file.
I'm sorry if it takes a while to load.

Aaaanyway. Out of all the comics I've done this one is my favourite even if it's not the lastest.
It was done for Ficomic Contest as part of the Barcelona Mangacon of 2006. It was the first year I decided to join too.
At first I wanted to do another idea I had but it was driving me nuts, time was running out and I almost gave up, thinking I won't make it in time.
Then, listening to a soundtrack the idea for this one came around, like a light showing me the way (kill me later for all this crap I'm saying XD) and decided to try. All the pages were done in like 4 or 5 days.
As late as I was I thought it may not had arrived in time, but like a month later I received a phonecall from Ficomic Staff telling me I had won! :D Ok, I was co-winner, they said they couldn't decide 'cause the other person'a comic had a pretty nice argument but they were aslo delighted by my artstyle so, for the first time in their history, they chose 2 winners :lol:
I still remember when the man who was givin' me the good new asked me:
"Do you like yaoi? There's something yaoi-ish in it, even if there's a girl"
And I laughed my ass off, I didn't know my personal tastes would me reflected in this particular comic :lmao:

I'm sorry I'm making you read so much, but it was a real sweet memory of mine and wanted to share it.

"Isabeau" is © =Noiry
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August 21, 2008
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